Building Your Dream

There are many factors that have contributed to the housing crisis in the UK, an increase population, an increase in immigration and a decrease in household size.  Some conclude that vacant, overpriced property is the main contributor to the housing crisis, whilst other believe that building more residential properties will overcome the housing crisis here in the UK.

With the rise in demand of new build properties comes the rise in demand of popularity of building plots, whether that be for either single or multiple units.  People like the idea of "building their dream house" as opposed to buying a standard, new build property on a large scheme of 300 + houses.

Armitstead Barnett specialise in selling single and multiple building plots to self-builders and developers in rural and village locations, helping people to become one step closer to building their dream home.  The main attractions to building your own home include, a free reign to design (subject to planning permission) and finish to your suited specification, giving a whole new meaning to "home is where the heart is" and the lesser chance of needing to move in a few years as you have already built to your needs.

If you have a parcel of land, that could have the potential to become a building plot, or a piece of land that already has the benefit of planning permission, please contact us and we will happily talk through your options to maximise the value.

Alice Morgan -
Assistant Surveyor

South Lancashire: 01704 895 995

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