Join the market before September

It is much harder to build a picture of definitive "quiet" and "busy" periods in the year than it once was as we are selling all of the way through the year.  What we have noticed however, is the interest we get once people have been on holiday.  Holiday periods give us all time to reflect and quite often time away to talk about the future, plans are formulated and can often involve moving house.  Last year we had a busy August and September, making the most of this time of year while properties look well is important.

So if you are pondering over a potential sale then we would be pleased to take a look at your home and provide you with a marketing proposal.  Covering all of Lancashire and Cumbria we are well positioned regionally to deal with Village, Rural and High End properties.  We have had a fantastic year to date - join the action! Call our teams:


Hannah Towers - Agency Partner, (t) 01995 603180


Emma Hodkinson – Associate Partner at our Cumbria Office, (t) 01539 751993


Gillian Mathews - South Lancashire Agency Coordinator, (T) 01704 895995


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