Compulsory Purchase

There are a number of reasons why your land may be subject to compulsory purchase, including the widening and extension of highways, building power stations or water treatment works and other expansion of infrastructure.

When the government, local authority or any other statutory body makes an approach, you have statutory rights and are entitled to fair compensation. You may even use an objection to amend or halt the plans. In every case there is cause for careful consideration before acting. In the majority of cases the acquiring body undertakes to pay your agent’s professional fees and therefore the Armitstead Barnett service may come at no cost to you.

If you have been contacted by the government or your local authority and you would like advice or someone to act on your behalf, our team has the expertise and the experience to represent you.

The Armitstead Barnett service:

  • Ensuring statutory rights are complied with
  • Negotiating fair compensation
  • Preparation of objections
  • Serving correct notices and adhering to time periods
  • Handling and management of paperwork
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