Generating renewable energy

Alternative sources of energy are big business in the rural industry and are set to remain so for many decades to come.

If you occupy or own land then there is an excellent opportunity to earn additional income from renewable energy.  Here at Armitstead Barnett we have an in-depth understanding of renewable energy and property which allows us to help maximise the value of your resources.  The UK has the best wind resource in Europe and here in the North West the wind speeds are such that there are many renewable energy companies looking to invest in the area.  In addition, the feed-in tariffs have accelerated the uptake in solar power in the UK and therefore opportunities still exist in this sector.

Whether you have been approached by renewable energy operators or developers, or it is merely an idea that you wish to investigate the possibilities of renewable energy, then Armitstead Barnett can help.  Our services include advice on terms of lease, rental returns, negotiations of Option Agreements, completion of Option and Lease documentation.

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