Grants and Farm Subsidies

As if payments and subsidies were not complicated enough, they change on an annual basis and new proposals are launched with a mountain of explanatory notes.

Keeping on top of the latest developments can become a time-consuming task but it is a vitally important task because a portion of your income relies upon it.

At Armitstead Barnett we have a team of specialists regularly monitoring changes and proposed changes to Single Payment Scheme and Farming Subsidies. When the figures change, we’re the first to know. When a new form is devised, we work until we’re the experts in completing it in the most efficient way.

We have worked with many businesses on all elements of claims, taking time to assess what we believe they’re due and then ensuring they receive the full amount. Our services include alerting clients to funding opportunities, accurately completing and checking application forms, submitting and processing claims, reviewing and reconciling payments, entitlement transfers and completion of Environmental Stewardship Schemes.

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