Land measuring

Size matters. If you’re purchasing a plot of land, you need to know every acre you’re promised is there and within your boundaries.

However, many farms and plots of rural land have been in the family for generations. In a lot of cases, the amount of land is an accepted fact that’s been passed down over the years. It may have been misremembered, mistranslated or simply misjudged in the first place.

Armitstead Barnett has invested in technology specifically for these situations. We measure with complex computer software to give you an accurate reading all from our desktop.

We work with sellers, buyers and solicitors to provide as accurate  measurements as possible. Our work has often provided a key negotiating tool in purchases and has been used by the legal profession.

If you’re unsure about the size of a piece of land, or what you see doesn’t seem to relate to what’s on paper, we’ll provide the answers and the paperwork.

For a full onsite survey we work with land surveyors who can meet your requirements

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