Rentals – An Overview

The rental market has been consistently busy over the last few months.  As properties for sale move, the rental market gains a wider range of tenants.  Whilst this allows landlords to find the right tenant for their property, it does mean that tenants must move fast and show themselves off as being a good tenant.

More and more regulations for landlords are becoming legal requirements meaning tenants are potentially being protected more than a homeowner.

Landlords now have a number of certificates and reports to provide a tenant when they start a tenancy.  Whilst this can be annoying for landlords we believe it can actually benefit them by ensuring the property is as safe as required while a tenancy is in place.

If a tenant feels safe and secure they tend to keep a longer tenancy, providing a regular income for the landlord each month.  Tenants must remember rental properties may cost more than an average mortgage but a rental payment covers the maintenance, upkeep, safety and security of the property compared to a mortgage, which is purely for a property.

Applying for a tenancy is also now more detailed than ever before but helps provide a landlord with reassurance.  This is to benefit both landlord and tenant.  If we feel the tenant cannot afford a property on the information provided, we can avoid the stress of late or unpaid rent by stopping a tenancy from starting.  A few extra checks can massively benefit in the long run.

We always encourage landlords to make improvements where necessary to ensure a good relationship is kept between the tenant and landlord but at the same time keep both landlord and tenant informed of their position in a tenancy.

Armitstead Barnett has a very detailed application process to ensure we are providing the best service possible.  A good tenant is extremely important to a landlord so we have a simple approach by asking ourselves “would I like this tenant to live in my house?”  We do not work on a first come first served basis, we work to make sure we can find a tenant suitable to the individual property.

If you are looking for a rental property or have a property that you are considering renting out, contact our Rentals Co-ordinator Leeann Stott on 01995 603 180

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